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red bug

Look at this little dude. Those deep red wings. Those magnificent antennae, that look velvety like antlers. I've never seen anything like him outside the Burren, where I took the picture.

The Burren is a sort of moonscape on the west coast of Ireland which consists mostly of limestone, eroded into complicated swiss-cheese shapes, and rare plants and insects which enjoy its strange living conditions. I was there with my family in summer 2006. Because it was also where we all used to go to Christian camp for a week every July throughout my childhood, being there as an adult was often a headwreck, but on that occasion I was having one of those rare and precious weeks when everything seemed to be OK and make sense. I did a lot of wandering around in the dunes, trying to figure out what I wanted to happen next, and taking photos of insects (and other tiny things; the whole photoset is on Flickr if you click through). And listening to this song. It sounds delirious and sun-struck, and the tinkly piano bits make me think of swarms of insects swirling in the air, but this is somehow a good thing rather than an annoyance. Or perhaps an annoyance that's somehow also a good thing. The buzz of love is busy buggin' you.

You might like this if you likeā€¦ oh man, what else is like the Flaming Lips? If you like your psychedelic rock with added whimsy. For some reason, I used to hate their whimsy (especially that song of theirs that got played on the radio a lot, She Don't Use Jelly), and then it suddenly made sense and I never looked back.
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