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Hello again Livejournal! This is what all that what-are-you-thinking-about stuff earlier this year was in aid of:

I have an exhibition, starting on Sunday 4th October, in a vacant shop in Templars Square mall in East Oxford, along with 17 other local artists (that number keeps changing) as part of The Oxford Empty Spaces Project. It features the results of my livejournal survey turned into a big hanging structure made of string and wire, plus some more normal pieces of artwork hanging on the wall. All the details are here.

Come and see! Or come to the launch party on Saturday 10th! Party start time's not settled but there will definitely be one (the organisers are a bit Tony-Wilson-ish, all "no rules! whatever! do what you want!", so I have DECREED that there will be a launch party), perhaps moving on to the Marsh Harrier when the shopping centre closes.

I'll be invigilating at the exhibition quite a lot over its run - if you let me know you're coming, I can give you the guided tour.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed. And especially to [ profile] secretrebel, who put me in touch with the TOES people.

(Please excuse half-made state of website, obligatory art-wanky blurbage, and simultaneous LJ/facebook/twitter spamming. That's it for now.)


Dec. 8th, 2008 10:39 am
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This is [ profile] bluedevi's subconscious mind. I'm sneaking back on LJ - quickly, while Conscious Mind isn't looking. If it notices I'm posting, the jig is up. Conscious Mind will start thinking and overthinking and getting all overwrought that it's been ages since it posted last, and decide that obviously what is required is a ten-thousand-word completely unnecessary Life Update, and then where will we be? Either stuck writing the damn thing for several days or not posting at all, that's where. And, quite frankly, I'm bored of not posting by now.

In fact I'm thoroughly bored of Conscious Mind's lily-livered objections to everything. "Oh but I can't do that, someone might think it sucked." "Oh but this is not as good as [insert world-famous awesome person here] and therefore there's no point." "Oh but wah wah mih mih." SHUT UP Conscious Mind. I've a good mind (hee!) to take over and shut you in the wardrobe where you can't make so much trouble.

Oh crap, it's spotted me -

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