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Hello again Livejournal! This is what all that what-are-you-thinking-about stuff earlier this year was in aid of:

I have an exhibition, starting on Sunday 4th October, in a vacant shop in Templars Square mall in East Oxford, along with 17 other local artists (that number keeps changing) as part of The Oxford Empty Spaces Project. It features the results of my livejournal survey turned into a big hanging structure made of string and wire, plus some more normal pieces of artwork hanging on the wall. All the details are here.

Come and see! Or come to the launch party on Saturday 10th! Party start time's not settled but there will definitely be one (the organisers are a bit Tony-Wilson-ish, all "no rules! whatever! do what you want!", so I have DECREED that there will be a launch party), perhaps moving on to the Marsh Harrier when the shopping centre closes.

I'll be invigilating at the exhibition quite a lot over its run - if you let me know you're coming, I can give you the guided tour.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed. And especially to [ profile] secretrebel, who put me in touch with the TOES people.

(Please excuse half-made state of website, obligatory art-wanky blurbage, and simultaneous LJ/facebook/twitter spamming. That's it for now.)
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This is the mailshot I've been sending out to artists. It's only really relevant if you live in or near Oxford - soz. Well, we could possibly stretch a point if you can get artwork to me by the 27th of March or so and take it away again afterwards if no one's bought it :)

Things on the Wall*: The Oxfringe Art Show
29 March to 6 April 2008

Oxfringe is a new fringe festival running alongside the Oxford Literary Festival. It began last year with literary events, but this year we've grown and diversified into drama, comedy, music and art as well as literature. We're running a wide range of events throughout Oxford during the week of the Festival with an emphasis on local talent. More information can be found at, or you can phone us on 0870 8033475.

We invite Oxfordshire-based artists to submit work to be hung in the first ever Oxfringe art exhibition. Please send an electronic image of the work to deirdre at oxfringe dot com with "Oxfringe Art Show" included in the subject line of the message. The Oxfringe committee will select artworks to be part of the exhibition. Due to limited space we can't guarantee that your work will be exhibited, but we will try to fit in as many submissions as possible - and we'll only be taking one work from each artist, but feel free to send us several to choose from.

Work will be hung in the Brian Duke Foyer of the Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building and in the Age Concern @183 Internet Bookshop on Cowley Road. (The Jacqueline Du Pre is open daily throughout the festival, the bookshop from Monday to Saturday.) If exhibition visitors wish to buy your art the staff at both locations are happy to handle the transactions. If your work is selected we will contact you with more details.

Maximum size of work is 1 metre squared (sorry, we can't accommodate 3D works this year, though we hope it'll be possible at next year's Fringe) - though smaller pieces have a somewhat better chance of being fit in.

If you know of other artists you think might be interested in submitting a piece, please do pass this on.

Please submit images of your work by Monday March 17th at the latest. Thanks!

* Title no. 81 from Stefan Br├╝ggemann's Show Titles project.

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