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And now I'm packing for the move. Well, mostly putting aside stuff to throw out or give away. Usually when I pack to move I pack the books first (which isn't great, as it gives a misleading impression that you've made lots of progress but leaves all the awkward stuff to the end). This time, though... I'm not keen to start demolishing my room. I want to see it one more time and take pictures of it as it's been all the time I've lived in it, before it turns into an in-between place, a room in transition. So the stuff I've sorted all comes from unseen places, inside the wardrobe and the chest of drawers. The awkward bits. Result!

[pause to delve into a box]

Yes!! I've found my Random Tube Traveller Generator system! I wondered what had become of that. I made it for my Nano novel in 2003, then realised if I kept generating random Tube travellers and writing about them I'd just end up writing 253, only without the discipline and originality. It's still fun though. It has tables for area of London they're from (if they're Londoners at all), age, height, weight, hair colour, ethnicity and a big list of 'quirks'.

Hey, this would make a fun meme-ish thing. Want me to generate you a tube traveller? If so, give me the following:

*a number between 1 and 10
*one between 1 and 12
*one between 1 and 20
*three numbers between 1 and 10. They don't all have to be different
*a number between 1 and 4
*four numbers between 1 and 60
*(added later) a number between 1 and 10

edit: I'd forgotten what a hasty bodge-job this was. It's buggy in a variety of ways. I ought to rejig it so the ethnic-group thing better reflects the demographics, and the hair-colour table depends on it to some extent, and... oh, wait, when?


Dec. 17th, 2005 07:53 pm
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Today, for the first time since July, I have a room that I live in.
I have a permanent address.
I have shelves I can put my books on and leave them there.
I have a wardrobe I can hang my things in.
I have a desk I can spread out my stuff on.
For the first time since July I have completely unpacked my rucksack and put it away.
I've got a bit of space that I have a right to.
It's weird. It's good.

What a strange six months it's been.

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