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The actually live bit: I'm at my desk sending emails and making phonecalls, about to dash off on my bike for another day of frantic activity. But first I'm going to drop this chunk of diary on you. It's long, written in the slow quiet hours I spent minding the exhibition on Sunday, but I haven't got time to edit it.

The two previous days, briefly, just for background )

Day 1: Saturday 29th March. In which I attempt to bilocate fuelled only by chocolate, and wild beasts steal the equipment. )
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I've been putting this off for ages. Not sure why. Lack of internet didn't help. But here you go, a post of shameless promotion. Mostly for my own pet events, because I am selfish, and because in the case of the comedy I'm booking the venue and paying comedians their travel costs etc, and showing up to see it will help me break even :)

Minty Fresh
29th March, yes, that is tomorrow. 8pm.
Stand-up comedy at the Port Mahon. Compered by owl obsessive Iszi Lawrence and featuring three young comedians, shelf-stacking expert George Chopping, raging commuter Sassy Clyde and Philosophy Graduate With A Job! Alex Hodgson. There seems to be a theme of observational whimsy with a liberal side-order of workplace hatred.
(No, I don't know why it's called that either. The brochure was going to press and I didn't have a title for the night and I had a bit of a brainstorm, to a general chorus of "Huh?")
Tickets £4 on the door, £3 in advance from the link on the event page.

Ha Ha from the Madding Crowd
Wednesday 2nd April, 9pm.
Free comedy at Far from the Madding Crowd, with some excellent stand-ups and - gasp! - performance poetry that IS ACTUALLY FUNNY.

Oxfringe Uncut
Friday 4th April, 8.45pm, The Mitre
This is the noisome sin-bin we created to put the comedians who were too er, confrontational for the passing trade at Borders. Since then the lineup's changed a bit, but it should still be lots of fun. Compered by Rob Alderson from the Free Beer Show, with Iszi Lawrence doing a set this time, Niall Gildea and Broderick Chow.
Tickets £4 from the link, £5 on the door.

Also: The art exhibition page is here.

There are lots of plays which sound great and which I won't have time to see. But I have to plug one of them: Do Something, Martin! is a one-man show by [ profile] martylog, who I can attest is hilarious and musically talented. Some of you have seen him playing in one band or another. I have done comedy karaoke with him. It was unforgettable. His show's on at the Moser Theatre from Wednesday to Saturday. I have volunteered to help at the Moser on Saturday with the selfish goal of getting to see it, even though I know squat about running a theatre. Erk!

There are also literary events in Borders, a murder mystery, a workshop to write a play in a day, and much more besides.

But I shut up now and go to hang the second lot of paintings. Wheee!
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There's gonna be a hangin' today.

Sarah of the Fringe is going to be here shortly to drive me and a bunch of paintings down to the Jacqueline Du Pré Music Building, one of the exhibition venues. I should probably not have stayed up late last night randomly drinking vodka and sending emails and then standing out on the balcony listening to the city in the still night. I feel a bit woolly now, but it was very nice. On the phone Sarah pointed out that the directions I was giving to my house all used pubs as landmarks. It's a fair cop.

But something I've been wondering about for a long time: why do most people seem to give directions of the "third left, then fourth right, then two more lefts, then take a right and five more lefts and you're there" variety rather than using street names, pub names or whatever? The latter method is clearly superior! In the first method all the instructions are dependent on your having got all the previous ones right, and if you make one mistake you're lost. Whereas in the second method, if you come to a confusing junction you can at least tell that you've definitely got the route right up to that point because, well, there's the Original Swan. Which is much less confusing than trying to work out if something counts as one of the twenty-seven "lefts" or not.

And do other people find it easy to hold a long sequence of turnings in their heads and be sure they've remembered it accurately? I know I don't. Those same people often say "But I don't remember street names" when I ask for any landmarks on the route. But street names are much more memorable! I am confused.
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This is the mailshot I've been sending out to artists. It's only really relevant if you live in or near Oxford - soz. Well, we could possibly stretch a point if you can get artwork to me by the 27th of March or so and take it away again afterwards if no one's bought it :)

Things on the Wall*: The Oxfringe Art Show
29 March to 6 April 2008

Oxfringe is a new fringe festival running alongside the Oxford Literary Festival. It began last year with literary events, but this year we've grown and diversified into drama, comedy, music and art as well as literature. We're running a wide range of events throughout Oxford during the week of the Festival with an emphasis on local talent. More information can be found at, or you can phone us on 0870 8033475.

We invite Oxfordshire-based artists to submit work to be hung in the first ever Oxfringe art exhibition. Please send an electronic image of the work to deirdre at oxfringe dot com with "Oxfringe Art Show" included in the subject line of the message. The Oxfringe committee will select artworks to be part of the exhibition. Due to limited space we can't guarantee that your work will be exhibited, but we will try to fit in as many submissions as possible - and we'll only be taking one work from each artist, but feel free to send us several to choose from.

Work will be hung in the Brian Duke Foyer of the Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building and in the Age Concern @183 Internet Bookshop on Cowley Road. (The Jacqueline Du Pre is open daily throughout the festival, the bookshop from Monday to Saturday.) If exhibition visitors wish to buy your art the staff at both locations are happy to handle the transactions. If your work is selected we will contact you with more details.

Maximum size of work is 1 metre squared (sorry, we can't accommodate 3D works this year, though we hope it'll be possible at next year's Fringe) - though smaller pieces have a somewhat better chance of being fit in.

If you know of other artists you think might be interested in submitting a piece, please do pass this on.

Please submit images of your work by Monday March 17th at the latest. Thanks!

* Title no. 81 from Stefan Brüggemann's Show Titles project.
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I love you. I love your tasty bagels and your free wifi. I love you so much I'll even forgive you for playing Evanescence.

There's an Oxfringe press wingding tonight. We have comedians, poets, a brass band (?) called the Horns of Plenty, and much else besides, including a guy doing fire poi. We will all be wearing branded hoodies and making speeches. (meep.) I'd love to invite all comers along for free booze, but we are very poor. So poor that we'll be surreptitiously dividing the glasses of fruit juice we've ordered from the bar into smaller glasses before people arrive.

I am wishing I owned a hip flask.

Whenever I open a fringe-related mail Gmail shows me ads for K-Y jelly. I'm taking this as a good omen. Like Jeff Noon said, possibly misremembered: "Some days it feels as if the whole world is smeared with Vaz."

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