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The actually live bit: I'm at my desk sending emails and making phonecalls, about to dash off on my bike for another day of frantic activity. But first I'm going to drop this chunk of diary on you. It's long, written in the slow quiet hours I spent minding the exhibition on Sunday, but I haven't got time to edit it.

The two previous days, briefly, just for background )

Day 1: Saturday 29th March. In which I attempt to bilocate fuelled only by chocolate, and wild beasts steal the equipment. )
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I've been putting this off for ages. Not sure why. Lack of internet didn't help. But here you go, a post of shameless promotion. Mostly for my own pet events, because I am selfish, and because in the case of the comedy I'm booking the venue and paying comedians their travel costs etc, and showing up to see it will help me break even :)

Minty Fresh
29th March, yes, that is tomorrow. 8pm.
Stand-up comedy at the Port Mahon. Compered by owl obsessive Iszi Lawrence and featuring three young comedians, shelf-stacking expert George Chopping, raging commuter Sassy Clyde and Philosophy Graduate With A Job! Alex Hodgson. There seems to be a theme of observational whimsy with a liberal side-order of workplace hatred.
(No, I don't know why it's called that either. The brochure was going to press and I didn't have a title for the night and I had a bit of a brainstorm, to a general chorus of "Huh?")
Tickets £4 on the door, £3 in advance from the link on the event page.

Ha Ha from the Madding Crowd
Wednesday 2nd April, 9pm.
Free comedy at Far from the Madding Crowd, with some excellent stand-ups and - gasp! - performance poetry that IS ACTUALLY FUNNY.

Oxfringe Uncut
Friday 4th April, 8.45pm, The Mitre
This is the noisome sin-bin we created to put the comedians who were too er, confrontational for the passing trade at Borders. Since then the lineup's changed a bit, but it should still be lots of fun. Compered by Rob Alderson from the Free Beer Show, with Iszi Lawrence doing a set this time, Niall Gildea and Broderick Chow.
Tickets £4 from the link, £5 on the door.

Also: The art exhibition page is here.

There are lots of plays which sound great and which I won't have time to see. But I have to plug one of them: Do Something, Martin! is a one-man show by [ profile] martylog, who I can attest is hilarious and musically talented. Some of you have seen him playing in one band or another. I have done comedy karaoke with him. It was unforgettable. His show's on at the Moser Theatre from Wednesday to Saturday. I have volunteered to help at the Moser on Saturday with the selfish goal of getting to see it, even though I know squat about running a theatre. Erk!

There are also literary events in Borders, a murder mystery, a workshop to write a play in a day, and much more besides.

But I shut up now and go to hang the second lot of paintings. Wheee!

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