Jan. 18th, 2008

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Well, this quiz by [livejournal.com profile] hatmandu and friends has certainly fulfilled its stated goal of making me want to find out more. I don't know nearly enough about Kucinich, or indeed Gravel.

Who should you vote for?
Dennis Kucinich120
Mike Gravel108
Barack Obama101
John Edwards91
Hillary Clinton87
Rudy Giuliani-15
Ron Paul-27
John McCain-36
Fred Thompson-72
Mitt Romney-117
Duncan Hunter-132
Mike Huckabee-138
You expected: Barack Obama
Your recommendation: Dennis Kucinich

Party: Democratic

Born: 1946, Cleveland, Ohio

Family: Married three times; one daughter

Career: Radio talk-show host, lecturer, consultant

Political career: Cleveland City Council (1969); Mayor of Cleveland (1977-79); Incumbent Member of the US House of Representatives from Ohio's 10th district

Hot topic: Federally funded healthcare to all citizens

Did you know? When Kucinich refused to sell Muni Light, Cleveland's publicly owned electric utility, the Cleveland mafia put a hit on him. A hitman from Maryland planned to shoot him in the head during the Columbus Day Parade, but the plot fell apart when Kucinich was hospitalized and missed the event.

Supported by: Viggo Mortensen, Sean Penn


There are Obama posters popping up in Oxford already and it isn't even our election. Last night Dan and I found ourselves watching The Manchurian Candidate - the remake, that is - which I'd somehow thought was a running-and-shouting-and-exploding standard thriller. Instead it was a paranoia-filled conspiracy theory drama happening around a US election, clearly scripted by people who'd watched an awful lot of The West Wing. All the fake news footage with its clunky graphic design took me back to our all-night election party of 2004. Hey, party round mine this November! With donuts! And hopefully this one won't end in despair!

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