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BeeCDs and dinner makings
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Yesterday was a bleak sort of day, despite the crisp autumn sunshine. I was out of sorts with work, and apprehensive about money, and kept veering towards the dangerous here-be-dragons shores of "what's the point?" in relation to my non-work projects, and in general it was the sort of day where the whole mechanism of living seems a bit much and you just want to be asleep. It was like my brain had been running for too long without a reboot and now was full of cruft, memory leaks and zombie processes, and desperately in need of a defrag.

(Someone will now tell me I need a different operating system.)

But I got home to find a parcel of music and goodwill from [ profile] beecd, put the first of the three CDs on and started cooking lasagne while waiting for Dan to come round, and there was a moment when I just stood back and looked at the objects on the counter and thought it was ridiculous to be glum when I was this absurdly lucky.

I'm not supposed to talk about the CDs in detail till everyone has got theirs, so we can all listen to them without preconceptions, but the two I've heard so far have been fantastic.

So it seems like a good time to do [ profile] jinty's earworm meme...

Seven songs I've had stuck in my head lately )

I hardly ever tag people for memes, but I want to know about other people's earworms. So, with the usual caveats about no obligation to do this, I tag, hmmm... [ profile] undyingking, [ profile] puritybrown, [ profile] inannajones, [ profile] braisedbywolves, [ profile] miss_newham, [ profile] parallelgirl and [ profile] minnesattva. And anyone else who wants to, obviously.


Jul. 19th, 2007 11:04 pm
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Here are the photos from the family camping holiday in Fanore, Co. Clare. I want to turn this one into a painting. And check out the amazing flying dog at the very end of the set.

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