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Birthdate:Jul 29
Formerly [profile] bluedevi.

I'm taking the LJ approach of friending interesting strangers as well as people I know. Let me know if I've subscribed to you and you'd prefer I didn't. There's also no pressure to grant me access to your locked stuff.

Most of my day-to-day life posts will probably be friends-locked, but there should be a fair amount of other stuff as well. For people I'm reconnecting with after a long time, there's a friends-locked 'life update' post in my memories (currently the only memory post) which says some of what's been up with me, and I'd love to hear what's been up with you too.

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abstract painting, alan moore, ambient, ambivalent paganism, antony gormley, apocalypses, artist dates, awen, babylon 5, backpacking, being irish, belonging, bike adventures, bisexuality, bjork, blank notebooks, breaks, brigid, burning man, calligraphy, canal towpaths, categories, celtic mythology, chaos, cloudy cider, coffee, comics, complaining about academia, complaining about facebook, complaining about neoliberalism, complaining about psychedelic culture, complaining about writing, crafting, cross-hatching, curiosity, cybermind, cycling, dancing, deep turquoise, design, drawing, dublin, earworms, east london, endorphins, epiphanies, erving, ethnography, exploring strange cities, feminism, festival culture, festivals, flow states, folk tales, forests, found objects, gender, geoff ryman, gesticulating, getting lost in the woods, gonzo journalism, google scholar rabbit holes, googling lyrics, grant morrison, headology, high weirdness, installation art, intentional communities, internet culture, la vie boheme, leftism, light sculptures, liminality, london, losing days on wikipedia, lugh, mad schemes, making comics, maps, mental health, meta-anything, modern art, musical theatre apparently, neurodiversity, neuroscience, occasional ice skating, orbital, ott, overthinking everything for fun, philip larkin, photography, pints of ale, playing guitar, poetry, polar bears, polyamory, post-rock, prosopagnosia, psychedelic culture, psychedelic support, psychogeography, queer nests, queerness, quilting, really long walks, running, science fiction, setting shit on fire, short-distance travel writing, singing while cooking, small gigs, sniffing books, social experiments, social research, sociology, spirals, spooning, stargazing, staring out train windows, stompy boots, surface travel, sushi, t. s. eliot, talking to inanimate objects, tea, tea and sympathy, teaching, the ambient hutch, the cats, the drift, the invisibles, the magnetic fields, the mountain goats, the neverending story, the sacred mostly-feminine-i-guess, the smiths, transhumanism, travel, travel writing, typography, wasted epiphanies, weird-coloured hair, wendy cope, william blake, wrangling my own brain, writing, writing about writing
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