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21:48 Vicariously Eurovisioning. #

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Edit: ...and I think I'll turn off LoudTwitter again now. I thought it'd annoy people when they were still sending tweets to phones, because anyone on twitter would see the same messages at least twice. When they stopped sending to phones it seemed like a much better idea. But now it seems like lots more people are following Twitter at the webpage, so sending them to LJ seems redundant again.

I might turn it back on the next time I'm travelling, though. My travelling tweets are usually a bit more interesting than my stationary ones, and it's likely there'll be more of them in a day, so together they're more like an actual post with, y'know, actual content. So there seems more justification in sending them to LJ. And I enjoy the LoudTwitter digests of people out doing stuff - exploring strange places, or doing 140-character gig reviews from Down The Front.

What do you think? Do you always hate LoudTwitter like poison? Or does it make a difference how contentful the posts are?
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actual actually ah awesome bag band big bike birthday blue book bought boy brain brother bus busy buy buying classroom coach coffee cold college come comics coming dad dan day dead did does dog doing drink drinking dublin early earth ew face feel festival fireworks folk free friend fun gets getting glade glasto gloucester god going good gosh great green guitar guy hair half happy having head heading high home hour hours house lady laptop late listening little london long look looking lost love lunch make man minutes miss morning mum music need new night nom oh old omg oxford paint paper people phone place playing point poor pub quiet quite rain read reading really red road round sad says sending shop shouty sleep small song sound spirit spray station student students stuff suddenly sun sunshine talking there's thing think time tiny tired today train trousers truck trying turn twitter voice want watching way weird window wine woods words work working world yay years yes


I love this TweetStats list of the words I use most on Twitter. It feels colourful and busy and enthusiastic, like someone who does things and describes things - not full of bet-hedging, punch-pulling words and pointless introspection, like some other stuff I've written.

This is of course because I only twitter when I'm away from my computer - in transit, on holidays or at work - and see something I have to describe. But I like the effect.
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It's been five weeks of coffee taxes for "free" wifi which doesn't work two times out of three and you can't make a fuss, because after all it's free, even though you have twelve desperately important emails to send RIGHT NOW and your lunch break is about to end. Five weeks of trailing round town with my laptop like an internet bag lady. Five weeks when I've hardly got to read any LJ at all. Paradoxically, it's probably made me faster at responding to emails because I know I have to do it on the spot; when I think I can do it any time, I stick my head in the sand and don't reply for a week. Hopefully the new habits will stick.

But oh my god. You have no idea how good it feels to be online AT MY DESK with MY OWN MUSIC ON, and to know I can stay in tonight and catch up on all my fringe-mail, and not have to worry that the bar staff are looking at me funny because I've been nursing a half for three hours, or that I have too many bits of paper on the table. I can go to the bathroom without having to pack up all my bits of tech and bring them with me in case they get nicked, hoping someone won't steal my seat (the only one near a power socket) while I'm gone. I can get up and have a cup of tea for free whenever I want to. Ahhhhh.

In fact I might just do that now.

How are you doing?

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