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There's gonna be a hangin' today.

Sarah of the Fringe is going to be here shortly to drive me and a bunch of paintings down to the Jacqueline Du Pré Music Building, one of the exhibition venues. I should probably not have stayed up late last night randomly drinking vodka and sending emails and then standing out on the balcony listening to the city in the still night. I feel a bit woolly now, but it was very nice. On the phone Sarah pointed out that the directions I was giving to my house all used pubs as landmarks. It's a fair cop.

But something I've been wondering about for a long time: why do most people seem to give directions of the "third left, then fourth right, then two more lefts, then take a right and five more lefts and you're there" variety rather than using street names, pub names or whatever? The latter method is clearly superior! In the first method all the instructions are dependent on your having got all the previous ones right, and if you make one mistake you're lost. Whereas in the second method, if you come to a confusing junction you can at least tell that you've definitely got the route right up to that point because, well, there's the Original Swan. Which is much less confusing than trying to work out if something counts as one of the twenty-seven "lefts" or not.

And do other people find it easy to hold a long sequence of turnings in their heads and be sure they've remembered it accurately? I know I don't. Those same people often say "But I don't remember street names" when I ask for any landmarks on the route. But street names are much more memorable! I am confused.
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I have been looking at printouts of the map paintings for so long that they've lost all meaning. Well, sometimes they've lost all meaning, and at other moments they take on far too much meaning, so that I become convinced they are real actual places. Some, like [ profile] the_elyan's trackless jungles full of spirits and riddles, I wish I could go to. [ profile] hairyears interpreted the same bit of the same map as a toxic wasteland, left that way by eco-apocalypse due to industry run rampant. You really wouldn't want to make an accidental sidestep into the wrong parallel universe there.

I'm almost done customising them as per people's suggestions (I've even made a tube map for one of them) and compiling them all into a folder. Then I'm going to buy picture hooks from B&Q. My sleep cycle is still all messed up from Christmas. I sat up much too late last night painting round the edges of canvases and doing other little fiddly things and now I'm too tired to be nervous.

Just talked to Hafiz, the lovely fluffy proprietor of the Magic Cafe, and it turns out that not only can I mull the wine tomorrow night but we can stay as long as we like. Party! (Er, you might want to bring a bottle of something yourself if you fancy staying longer than half a plastic cup's worth of time...) Apparently Daily Info are sending someone too. I wondered if it might be someone I know, but no. Erk, have only been painting regularly for less than a year, am fraud, will get reviewed as "almost endearingly shambolic" - oh shut up and sort the picture hooks out, woman.

I've been asked if the paintings are for sale, and the answer is um yes, if only because what Dan calls The Art Heap in my room is burgeoning out of control.

Had to write press release about self this week. Very weird experience.

My mum is also coming over in a couple of weeks to see the pictures and meet Dan. This will be interesting.

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